Real life quests

MyQuest takes you on an exciting journey to fulfill your goals and dreams

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Choose your quest,
Reach your goals!


We create a new world
with a variety of real life quests

Quests to achieve almost any goal imaginable! Lose weight, run 3 miles, become a better parent, or find your true love.
Choose the quest for the goal you desire, and start an exciting journey to make it happen!

Experts’ guidance

All quests are created by experts, ensuring you always know what to do next and providing an optimal path toward what you desire



Every quest is built as a real-life missions game, creating a fun environment to succeed in


Cooperate with others

Embark on this exciting journey with many other companions, all striving and supporting each other to achieve your quest's common goal


What People Say About Us

“This is a unique experience I have never seen before.
The quest helped me feel secure and gave me the power to pursue the goal I am after. I have made significant changes at my life and I am very proud about it!”

Adi Tamir
Quest's player

“There is something unique with this platform. Although I used the same content in my other online products, this time my clients were truly engaged, practicing again and again to progress in their quest and reach their goals. I got the same results as in my one on one sessions - it was amazing!”

Neta Golan
Nutrition coach

“Playing a quest gave me the feeling that I playing my own game while challenging myself. This feeling, along with the curiosity of reveling the quest's levels, motivated me to reach my goals.   Double Like!”

Daniela Tekoa
Quest's player

“Thank you for this wonderful journey that helped me change my perspective about myself and about the food I eat.
It was such a fun and enjoyable way, and served me even beyond my initial goal of losing weight.”

Quest's player

“This is my future tool to reach many new customers I could never reach before. The platform is very intriguing and intuitive,
it allows me to be flexible with my time, while providing fully supported product to my clients.”

Efrat Keren
Relationship coach

“It's a great tool, the idea of interactive coaching is a remarkable breakthrough. Thank you!”

Nirit Lapid
Quest's player

Write a quest 
create your legacy!

If you are a leader in your field and you want to impact and lead many thousands of people, we have an exciting offer for you!

This is a special invitation only for high-profile mentors from various life fields (nutrition, relationships, parenting, fitness, personal growth, business development, and more) who want to increase the quality and effectiveness of their program delivery, reach more clients, and grow their community.


In one week, with zero expenses, you can:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your programs – happy clients create success stories that attract more clients
  • Easily create your own web product – no technical knowledge is needed!
  • Generate a passive income – earn money while you sleep or are on vacation

If you feel you are up to this quest, you are more than welcome to apply for our quest writers program.
We will review your application and contact you shortly thereafter.

Join us to bring your vision to the world 
and create your legacy!


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